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Our network partners

In providing our services, we rely on our network of specialists. We have succesfully worked with all our network partners in previous engagements and have selected them based on their pragmatic and result drivien approach.

21st Sense

Are you unable to unleash your revenue growth? Struggling to build a scalable Sales model?

21st Sense will help you articulate your business value and build your sales pitch by creating the value messages for potential buyers. Leveraging our structured approach for sales operations we will define your sales funnel and introduce the rhythm and rigor that will drive your sales growth.

21st Sense offers pragmatic best practices that will meet your current needs and maturity. We leverage the lessons learned from both Startups and Big Corporates. As a result, 21st Sense has access to a state-of-the-art commercial excellence repository distilled from many years of hands-on practice. 21st Sense differentiates from management consulting firms by offering solutions that work: pragmatic, proven and action oriented.


Vectrix helps innovative entrepreneurs funding and growing their company. We provide funding that best fits the needs at acceptable cost. We offer a mix of subsidies, loans and risk capital. We do this at no-cure-no-pay basis.

We participate in the NextStage Early Stage Fund en support entrepreneurs with their international expansion via our hubs in Amsterdam, London, Berlin, San Francisco and New York. Vectrix provides entrepreneurs with more insight and transparency about their financial performance.